Just as his musical background has influenced his art, art has in turn fed into his wider creative practise. At the heart of his approach is a love and appreciation of freedom. “I was always restricting myself when I did music, never knowing how to let go and let it be what it is… That’s one thing I've learned about art - there isn’t really mistakes in art is there?” Nonetheless when he discards a work there is a finality to it. “I just have this thing - if something ain't working now, I just burn it. I never keep it. Kind of like a ritual.”

The devil or hell no longer exists in our post-religious society. Humanity itself has become an embodiment of evils and darkness. Horror in art reflects our awareness of the increasing details of the violence around the world. The depiction of our fears on canvases, such as MMs, can be an attractive and almost comforting resolution to that unease. Something to focus our worries on. He depicts a blackness that’s a lot less frightening and more beautiful than the real things that go bump in the night.

By Francesca Gavin